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Who We Are.

We are a scalable, on-demand agency-style production department servicing both agencies and brands. Our plug-and-play model means you have access to the highest quality agency-style production resources without the commitment of a full-time team.  Our ecosystem of producers, business affairs, talent managers, and other high-level support staff will dovetail seamlessly into your team and your idea. Award-winning founders John Noble and Brad Powell oversee every project from start to finish. Every project will have several eyes on it, just like an agency production department, but for less than half of an agency would charge, and without all those extra fees.

Agency Producers

At Fixer we have some of the very best producers in the business who have worked for the most respected broadcast/content agencies in the country.  Chiat Day, The Martin Agency, Wieden Kennedy, Anomaly, BBDO, McCann Worldwide, DDB, Barton F. Graf, etc.  Our producers have trained and learned only from the best of the best.  Clients and creatives love them.  Production vendors revere and respect them.

Business Affairs

Broadcast business affairs can often be complex and full of mind-numbing details, every last one of which needs to be handled to avoid any conflicts down the road. Fixer Partners has some of the best and most experienced business affairs folks in the business. They’ve been on staff at the biggest and busiest agencies in the world and now they can work for you.

Talent Specialists & Licensing

Whether it’s union or non-union talent the contracts and negotiations need to be handled with aplomb.  Our team knows the detailed SAG guidelines like the back of their hands.  Upgrade, downgrade, outgrade, celebrity contracts, legal consultation, network clearances, acquisitions.  Led Zeppelin to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Lyle Lovett, we have the experience and the "know-how" and we know exactly who to negotiate with to avoid additional fees. It’s all about who you know.

Production Consulting

We’re rare. Fixer Partners are the let’s-roll-up-our-sleeves-and-get-it-done-now types of consultants. We’ve built production departments and in house studios for some of the best agencies in the biz. We know our stuff because we’ve actually done it and we can do it right for you.

Our Work.

If, as the saying goes, your work is who you are...then this is us.

About Us.

Our Fixer Partners mission is to efficiently and effectively produce the best branded work in the world.  We've been producing and managing high-quality productions for a collective 40+ years, working with the most creative and demanding advertising agencies and brands in the business like GEICO, Budweiser, Mercedes Benz, Gatorade, Purina, Samsung, Apple, UPS, Frito Lay, Microsoft, and many, many more. We’ve successfully delivered over 7,000 commercials for screens across all platforms. And hey, we’ve shot on almost every continent (Antarctica here we come!).

Collective Achievements by the numbers:


SuperBowl #1 Ad in Adweek


AICP Best of Show


Cannes Lions




London International Awards






D&AD Awards


Brands From GEICO to Gatorade


One Show Pencils


Caples Awards


SuperBowl Spots

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John Noble

John Noble has produced over 5000 TV commercials and content pieces for beer, cars, food, financial services, and everything in between.  

In 1996 he began a successful eight year stretch at the Martin Agency which led to his promotion to Director of Production.  John has been credited by both creative leaders Steve Bassett, and the late great Mike Hughes, as being an integral player in turning the award winning print shop into a TV powerhouse.  In 2003 Noble became Director of Production and Digital of the single largest start up agency in advertising history when he joined Element 79 Partners in Chicago.  In addition to managing the broadcast/digital department he produced and lead the Gatorade production account through five years of record breaking growth. 

In 2008 John “jumped the fence” and began a successful seven year run managing production companies such as ONE at Optimus, Eyeball, and The Traveling Picture Show Company in Los Angeles.  John’s experience as both ‘the buyer” and “the seller” has given him a unique and valuable insight into literally every facet of the branded content production space. He brings his perspicacious production expertise, his tried and true managerial skills, and his extensive industry relationships to the Fixer Partners team.

Among his clients, Tostitos, Gatorade, GEICO, UPS, Careerbuilder, Hanes, Celebrity Cruises, Coke, Quaker, Budweiser, Audi, VW, SAAB, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Purina, Sprite, Coors, Walgreens, Walmart, Lowes.


Brad Powell

Brad Powell has worked for top agencies in NYC and beyond for 19 years.  

During his 9 years at the Martin Agency, he helped create and produced the original Caveman and Gecko TV spots, both of which are on the advertising Walk of Fame.  His iconic work for GEICO -- the Caveman series -- became a cultural phenomenon and an ABC TV Series; is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, and has been featured in publications and award shows too numerous to mention.  

He produced over 80 spots for GEICO while at the Martin Agency, as well as campaigns for UPS, Miller Brewing Co., Hanes, Wal-Mart and others.  He also spent two years at Hill Holliday in Boston as EP/VP overseeing production on Dunkin Donuts and John Hancock.

Over the last eight years in NYC he has produced work for most of the top shops, including long stints at BBDO (ExxonMobil, Embassy Suites, REI), stops at Barton Graf (Bai), Wieden/Kennedy (ESPN), Anomaly (Budweiser Global World Cup), Ogilvy (AmEx), Sid Lee (Facebook and Apple), Huge (Samsung) and JWT (Microsoft).


Our Clients love us. 

We're proud of our reputation working closely with brand clients, agencies, creatives, account teams, and with vendors. These are just a few comments we received, but we encourage you to ask around. Quite frankly, what others say about us is our best sales tool.  

“In this new world of production offerings, saturated with so many choices, the Fixer team are the legit pros you can trust to deliver your project on time, on budget, and on point!”
— Matt McLaughlin, Reebok
Good ideas need problems solved to become great in the real world - and John is one of the very best at helping you figure all that out. John is a big picture guy who kicks the hell out of the details. That’s rare.
— Jon Flannery, ECD FCB Chicago
Fixer are partners in the truest sense.Their collaborative approach maximizes the full potential of every project by enrolling all stakeholders in successful outcomes.
Our industry needs experienced leaders like Brad and John who operate at the highest level of excellence.
— Diane McArter, Furlined President
A huge part of the success of our Superbowl shoot depended upon the effective communication between production and the agency team. Fixer Partners managed that communication not only with professionalism but with the tenure and class that both John & Brad brought to every conversation. Would jump at the chance to work with them again!
— Preston Lee, Owner, Sanctuary Content
I had the privilege of working with John a lot on GEICO. John’s progressive thinking brought a whole new set of directors into the GEICO mix including Craig Gillespie, Tractor, Stacy Wall, and Speck and Gordon.
— Steve Bassett, GCD The Martin Agency
Fixer Partners are amazing brand partners. They are literally the old adage, “Fast, Cheap, and Good.” Except they aren’t just good, they’re great!
— Scott Christopher- Creative Director Worldwide Communcations, Aetna
In the barren landscape of creative ideas and voices, it’s amazing when you find a wellspring of creativity in the form of a producer; Brad Powell oozes with instinctive juices and flowing chi that made our work with him exceed all industry expectations. We love the dude.
— Speck and Gordon, Directors
So Brad tells me he’s joining forces with John to start Fixer Partners. A couple weeks later, I’ve got an 84 Lumber Super Bowl spot to make in less than seven weeks. With an idea that ambitious and an airdate fast approaching, we needed both pros to help pull it off.
— Rob Schapiro, Chief Creative Officer, Brunner
“John is one of the most original, innovative and human leaders. He has that all-too-rare ability to create an environment that gets the best people to do their best work while managing the realities of today’s demanding business environment. John is fair, he is honest, he is inspiring and he cares. He also delivers results. He is truly a modern creative leader.”
— -Charles Day, CEO Founder The Whitehouse

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